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  • Plumbing Leak in Crawlspace
     Plumbing Leak in Crawlspace
  • Plumbing Leak in Crawlspace
     Plumbing Leak in Crawlspace
  • Poor Ventilation in Crawlspace
     Poor Ventilation in Crawlspace
  • Poor Access in Crawlspace
     Poor Access in Crawlspace
  • Leak Discovered in Crawlspace
     Leak Discovered in Crawlspace
  • Vapor Barrier in Crawlspace
     Vapor Barrier in Crawlspace
  • Added Ventilation in Crawlspace
     Added Ventilation in Crawlspace
Mold in Crawlspace
Mold In the Crawlspace
The Challanges

The space under your home is a common place for moisture to concentrate and potentially cause mold to grow.  Moisture in a crawlspace can come from a high water table, poor drainage, leaks from within the home or breaks in irrigation around the yard.  These problems can go unnoticed for months or even years and can foster an environment for mold growth.  In adequate ventilation in a crawlspace can increase the chances for mold growth.

The Solutions

Crawlspaces should be inspected annually.  This can prevent problems from occurring and provide piece of mind that your home is doing well.  A quick check can determine if you have any minor plumbing leaks, drainage issues or even rodent and pest issues.  Adding vents in poor ventilated areas is one of the best recommendations for reducing the potential for mold growth in a crawlspace.  Every structure should have enough ventilation to create two full air exchanges from within the crawlspace area.  Any local contractor should be able to add additional vents to most structures.  In some cases mechanical fans can be installed that can push or pull air in low ventilation situations.  These fans are quiet, efficient and can run on a timer to help increase the movement of air in the space.  Another recommendation is to install a moisture barrier in the crawlspace. Laying down 6 mil plastic sheeting can have many benefits for reducing moisture in the crawlspace.  Lastly, homeowners should consider adding insulation in their crawlspace to reduce moisture inside their homes and save on their utility bills.

The Results

A home is usually a families largest investment and should be taken care of for long term results.  By taking care of a crawlspace, a homeowner can prevent many other problems from within the home.  Contact PacificIAQ or another qualified mold testing company to schedule an inspection if you are concerned with mold or water damage in your home.