Mold Investigation

Mold Growth

Our standard mold investigation is anything but “standard”. Having been in the mold restoration industry for thirteen years, we understand building systems and we understand how to fix them when they get wet.

The standard mold investigation is designed to fit the needs of our clients. We conduct an inspection of your home or office, looking for visible signs of water damage or mold growth. We also use thermal imaging to look for signs of moisture in the building materials. We collect air and surface samples (we always collect at least two outside air samples for baseline comparison to indoor air samples), and surface samples when necessary. All projects are photo documented and the information we collect is passed on to the client. Our reports are complete and accurate, and include environmental data, general recommendations for mold remediation, containment recommendations, project specific recommendations for proper remediation (this is the “protocol” that your contractor needs in order to give you an accurate bid), photos, laboratory reports, and a colored diagram of the project site so that you and your contractor can see, at a glance, what needs to be done.