Mold Investigation

Our standard mold investigation is anything but “standard”. Having been in the mold restoration industry for thirteen years, we understand building systems and we understand how to fix them when they get wet.

Infrared Technology

Thermal imaging is a cutting edge technique that uses infrared cameras to detect the slightest differences in surface temperature. As moisture evaporates from wet building materials, the slight drop in temperature makes the full extent of the water damage visible. Thermal imaging has its strengths and weaknesses, but in trained hands it’s a valuable inspection tool.

Bacterial Investigation

“Bacterial Investigation” is really just a pleasant way of saying “sewage backflow”. It doesn’t always roll down hill… sometimes it rolls right onto your bathroom floor and may even spread into other areas of your home. Mold growth in your home is a bad thing, but sewage related bacteria is worse! The microbials associated with human waste are a real and direct threat to your health, and need to be addressed quickly and properly.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals are challenged with selecting the appropriate indoor sampling and analysis methods. Indoor air can be very complex, with up to 300 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) comprising a typical indoor air sample.

Asbestos Consulting

Pacific IAQ is the North Bay’s leader in low-cost asbestos consulting.


Post-Remediation Verification

Northern California has some great remediation contractors, but none of them can determine when a project is truly complete. The last step in a remediation project is the post-remediation verification. This is the “final clearance” investigation that determines how effective the contractor was at remediating the mold or bacteria.







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